Meekhof hopeful ‘The Nuge’ will join ‘The Nerd’ at next year’s Tulip Time Festival

LANSING — Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof announced today that his office has talked to Ted Nugent about visiting the Tulip Time Festival, but that the hard-rocker will be unable to attend due to his current nationwide tour.

Meekhof’s outreach came after comments by Nugent last month about the Pure Michigan campaign that included a remark that no one comes to Michigan to go to the tulip festival.

“We recently talked to Ted about the Tulip Time Festival and tremendous impact it has on our economy,” said Meekhof, R-West Olive. “We invited Uncle Ted to visit Holland and see the festival, but he is busy on tour. I’m hopeful that next year he will join the governor at the Tulip Time Festival in an affair we could call: ‘The Nuge and The Nerd.’”

Meekhof said it was made clear to Nugent that the Tulip Time Festival regularly draws about 500,000 people from more than 45 states and 40 countries, and that the 8-day festival contributes an estimated at $10 million to the West Michigan economy.

“We are proud of the tulip festival; proud of West Michigan; proud of our Dutch heritage; and proud of our state,” Meekhof said. “We would also be proud to have the Motor City Madman visit the festival next year. I know that he would enjoy it and that his presence would help make the festival the most successful one ever.”