Meekhof announces senate committees

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, today announced senate standing committees and appropriations subcommittees.

“Having a large caucus means we have that many more people eager to be leaders in a variety of policy areas.  As I have said before, our majority makes it possible for our members to focus their energy and attention on specific issue areas and lend their own experience and knowledge to the committee process.  Together with our Democratic colleagues, I am confident we will see thoughtful and productive debate on a variety of topics and I expect us to take full advantage of a transparent and participatory committee process.

The appropriations subcommittee chairs benefit from years of experience in the legislature and experience as part of the appropriations process in previous terms.  The citizens of Michigan will be well served by the work ethic and capability of these dedicated men and women.

The Senate is prepared to get down to the business of serving our citizens.  The work done in committee is crucial to the development of commonsense policy and a timely budget process. ”

The attached document includes a list of all standing committees and members and all appropriations subcommittees and committee members.

Committee Assignments – 2015-16