Meekhof issues statement on DFT

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, today issued the following statement regarding DFT protests:

“I am saddened for the children who started the day prepared to learn and I am fed up with the staff who walked out on their responsibilities.  The students of Detroit Public Schools expect classrooms to be safe, consistent learning environments and today their teachers have let them down.

Actions taken today by the members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers demonstrate that they are more interested in politics than they are in education.  Not only have they let down their students, but they are also likely in violation of their contracts.  I expect more from our educators and I know the parents and students of DPS expect more from their teachers.

The Senate, House and Governor are prepared to work to help the students of Detroit Public Schools, it’s too bad their teachers are not.”