Senate Republicans announce fall agenda

LANSING-Legislation to help spur job growth is at the top of the Senate Republican fall agenda unveiled on Wednesday, said Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive.

The agenda has four goals: spurring job creation, strengthening education, protecting the rights of citizens and continuing government reform.

“Senate Republicans remain dedicated to getting Michigan’s economy back on the right track and the best way to do that is to help our state become a more attractive place to job providers,” Meekhof said. “Our fall agenda reaffirms our commitment to make jobs for Michigan residents our top priority.”

To help spur job creation, the Senate will take up measures to:

  • Reform the state’s personal property tax, which discourages business investment and expansion;
  • Streamline the regulatory process to cut through bureaucratic red tape; and
  • Rebuild our roads and bridges in order to improve access to all areas in Michigan.

The Senate also plans to make government more accountable, clarify the current medical marijuana law, pass legislation to protect seniors, reform insurance, and end lifetime benefits for legislators.

Action has already been taken on a package of bills to restore the American dream by increasing penalties for those who prey upon homeowners in vulnerable financial situations.

“I look forward to continuing our efforts to help stabilize and improve Michigan’s economy,” Meekhof said. “Working together we can help lead our state to a brighter and more prosperous future.”