Sponsor of Michigan’s worker freedom laws celebrates March 28 launch – A new day

**Media Availability**

WHO:    Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, sponsor of Michigan’s historic worker freedom legislation

HOW:    For an interview or for comments, contact Sen. Meekhof via email at SenAMeekhof@senate.michigan.gov, by calling his office at 517-373-6920 or by contacting the Senator’s Chief of Staff Bob DeVries at 616-334-6710.

WHY:    March 28 marks the launch of Michigan’s landmark right-to-work laws, giving Michigan workers the right to individually choose whether they join a union. This historic legislation is already having a positive impact on the state’s business environment and has changed the way job creators view Michigan. However, in the 11th hour, union bosses and their Democrat allies are cutting long-term, sweetheart deals with local schools to extend union contracts. These desperate, anti-taxpayer tactics hamstring schools and their ability to make future decisions, negatively impacting the education of our children.

“Today is a new day for the Great Lakes State, and with the launch of worker freedom, our message to the nation and the world is: ‘Michigan is open for business,’” Meekhof said.